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Partner - Simon Bloy

07939 957270

Simon joined the team in 2009, having previously run his own computer mobile business for 5 years.
Simon's expertise in diagnosing and fixing broadband and emailing issues is his forte. He has many years of experience in setting up new PC Systems and printers.

Partner - Alan Tye

07341 256521

Alan a founding partner in Wisebyte, has been running the workshop side of the business for over 19 years.
He has developed efficient skills to quickly diagnose and fix hardware and software issues. Couple this with his experience in building over 500 new PCs he is an invalueable team member.

Repairs - Frequently asked Questions


How much will my repair cost?

Without first diagnosing the cause of your problem it is hard to give an accurate cost of repair. However when you speak to one of our technicians they will be able to give you a estimate.

Can you remove virus' and malware without wiping my machine of all data?

In 99% of cases this is done without affecting your data and programs. We only wipe your drive and re-install the operating system in the most extreme cases.

Do you carry out laptop repairs?

Yes we do. We can resolve software issues but also carry out hardware replacements and repairs. i.e. screen and keyboard replacements, powerjack repairs, etc.

Can you fix my computer remotely?

In some instances yes we can. We use TeamViewer Software.

What will you need to know from me when I phone you up?

It will be helpful if you can tell us what the issue is, whether the problem is on a laptop or a PC and what Operating System is being used. Don't worry if you are unsure.

How safe is my data during a repair?

In most cases your machine will be repaired with no loss of data, however in a small proportion of cases the only solution is to re-install the operating system. We will never wipe your machine without first letting you know. We should point out though that your data is your responsibility and you should back it up regularly. Our technicians carry USB Memory Sticks and external Hard drives and are happy to show you how to back-up your data.

What happens if you cannot quickly fix my machine?

In some instances the repair may take a while to fix. In that instance we will unplug your machine and take it to our workshop. When fixed it will be delivered back & re-connected to all your plugs/leads.

What happens if you cannot repair my computer?

Sometimes it is not economical to repair a computer. If we feel that the cost of repairing or replacing a faulty part on your computer is not money well spent, then we will tell you so. In these cases can offer to transfer or backup your data to another device.

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Established in 1997. Giving us over 18 years experience in serving our local community.

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